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A Kind of Alaska

by Harold Pinter, Winterfall Theatre

A Kind of Alaska

The play is based on Oliver Sack’s book Awakenings. Pinter’s Deborah contracts encephalitis lethargica (or sleeping sickness), and regains consciousness after 29 years, believing she is still a teenager.

“Williams traps in amber the mannerisms and coquettishness of an-upper class teenage girl lost to time. It’s a finely chiselled performance, brittle with mischievous intelligence and pathos…”

Cameron Woodhead – The Age

“Williams plays the role of Deborah with discipline, subtlety, and emotional range… she projects the awakening with accomplished restraint… creating an increasingly alive countenance that captures your attention…”

Gary Anderson – Arts Hub

“Holding the space magnificently, Williams doesn’t miss a beat. Her fleeting expressions convey the wrenches of Deborah’s internal struggle… This is masterful theatre. Nothing is lacking.”

Liza Dezfouli Australian Stage Online

The Cherry Orchard - 2011

by Anton Chekhov, translated by Sir Tom Stoppard, February–March 2011, Winterfall Theatre Company

Role: Madam Ravenskaya (Luibov)

The Cherry Orchard

“Michele Williams as Luibov, is extraordinary as the needy, self-destructive mother on the verge of a nervous breakdown… the sexual tension between her and Lopachin is palpable, beautifully calibrated by Williams’ expressive features.”

Liza Dezfouli, Australian Stage Online

“Baker (the director) increases the emotional tension between Ranevskaya (played by Michele Williams) and Lopachin… a valid interpretation, with fine moments and solid acting.”

Martin Ball, The Age

In a Forest Dark and Deep

by Neil LaBute, October–November 2012, Winterfall Theatre Company, directed by Denis Moore

Role: Betty

In a Forest Dark and Deep

“Sustaining a full length play that’s also a two-hander requires dextrous dialogue and superior performances. That’s what you get at Winterfall Theatre’s production of the new Neil LaBute play…

(Michele) Williams’ Betty is accomplished… a strong performance of a hot new play that engages from beginning to end.”

Cameron Woodhead, The Age, 31 October 31 2012.

“…Connelly and Michele Williams are superb in this text-heavy, emotionally fraught drama. Their work is compelling and edgy… outstanding performances.”

Liza Dezfouli, Australian Stage Online, 29 October 2012

The Two Character Play - 2014

by Tennessee Williams

Role: Clare

Michele Williams in The Two Character Play

“Catherine Hill has directed robust performances from Dennis Coard and Michele Williams.”

Cameron Woodhead, The Age

“…directed by Catherine Hill and performed by Dennis Coard (Felice) and Michele Williams (Clare) succeeds amazingly well. Even my thirty-something friend, who admits to having the attention span of a nano-second, was totally engrossed from beginning to end.”

Jan Chandler, Australian Stage

Who's Afraid of Virginia Woolf? - 2016

by Edward Albee
Directed by Denis Moore

Role: Martha

Michele Williams in Who's Afraid of Virginia Woolf?

“Williams’ vulnerability at the start of Act 3 was magnificent in its colour and shade, her fragility was heartbreakingly moving.”

Natasha Boyd, Theatre People

“The highest praise must go to Michele Williams whose portrayal as the unhinged Martha was the most compelling performance of the night. Her bead-like, almost expressionless eyes gave the haunting impression of a woman who died inside long ago; her dry delivery of certain lines was equally as intriguing. Williams is clearly in her element on stage, capturing both her character’s vulnerability and strength. Her physical composure even in the most trying of circumstances remains intact, despite visibly crumbling both emotionally and mentally."

Radio Monash

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